1950’s Bullet Bra Anyone?

Sock Hop ShopGloria McClain has come up with an absoultely amazing 1950’s Art Bra paying homage to that ‘bullet look’ we all remember from the 1950s TV and movie pictures!  Don’t recall it?  Check out an episode of Laverne & Shirly for a sample, LOL So enjoy this unboxing video of our ‘Nifty Fifties’ Bra:

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About My Bra:

I wanted to do something different from everyone else’s, and wanted a ‘theme.’ Deciding upon a ‘fiftie’s-style’ bra, I knew it needed a bullet-style bra as the ‘foundation.’ Ended up being more difficult than originally planned, as far as finding the ‘right’ bra, in ‘like-new’ condition, and locating the bling things.

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1 comment to 1950’s Bullet Bra Anyone?

  • Iris Ayres Smale
    Twitter: blingmybra

    Kat, I want to do a bra – sounds like SO much fun. I actually got some materials yesterday just after my cataract surgery, but don’t have a bra yet. Hopefully I can get it to you by Oct 1. You’re such a doll for doing this!!!