A 34-Year Survivor Speaks Out ~ by Lee Mirabal

On November 5th, 1979, I underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer. That was 34 years ago. Research for breast cancer was not on the radar of many experts, and insurance companies refused to cover the cost of breast reconstruction.

Although there have been some advances since then, including more treatments that allow a woman to keep her breasts, it is not enough. We must keep vigilant to make sure our daughters and sisters (and some men) do not have to go through the ordeal that is breast cancer.

Bling My Bra is a grassroots effort by a group of dedicated eBay Sellers, gathered around the eBay Radio player, who have borne, nurtured and organized this entire effort. My bra’s off to them!

Gloria’s Bra – A GHOST is helping us!! Bra #25

So my friend Bev England – who sells on eBay as Samican or Grandma Bev’s lost her mom to Breast Cancer quite a while back.  And when we started this campaign Bev jumped in whole-heartedly.  She’s worked her fingers, computer keyboard and camera to the bone for 3 campaigns now, listing, promoting, calling people and strong-arming celebrities to sign bras (and ebay people.  Ebay employees know better than to show up in Chicago in September or October without a pen.


This year Bev is listing about 25 bras and as she got to the last one last night… well here is her version


Here’s the Bra  Scheduled to start on 10/4 8am Pacific time



Bling My Bra Gloria Georgy Vladimirov Perl Hacker Breast Cancer Hot Pink 34 B


Made by “Perl Hacker”


Bling My Bra – Gloria

This bra was created by Georgy Vladimirov, a Perl Hacker who cares about social causes.

Per Georgy …. This is a “second date” bra. Gloria like to be paired with pink thongs and garters. Let Gloria remind you about all brave women fighting breast cancer. Happy Bidding!

The bra is hot pink and is decorated with silver and blue beading / rhinestones.

The bra is a 34 B.

Still can’t believe that this was the last bra I listed. My mom’s name is Gloria Mae Neumann England.  And as I said before, Bev’s mom died of Breast Cancer

Bling My Bra is BACK! 2013 Update!

Beginning October 1, 2013, Bling My Bra will once again be conducting a charity fundraiser via eBay and eBay’s Giving Works program. Bling My Bra is a member-driven campaign by eBay sellers that is now in its fourth year of raising money via eBay to benefit organizations that provide breast cancer research, education and treatment.

Items to be sold include more than 50 original handcrafted art bras. These are themed pieces created by other eBay members and donated for auction. Since the inaugural campaign in 2009, more than $10,000 has been raised for breast cancer charities by Bling My Bra, run by a small group of friends who are all eBay sellers and serve as Bling My Bra’s Board of Directors..

One hundred percent of Bling My Bra’s proceeds will be donated to an eBay Giving Works charity, which will be named on September 27th by returning chairwoman and founder of Bling My Bra, Beth Cherkowsky, known on eBay as woadieland.

She founded Bling My Bra in 2009 because she believed in the power of a small group of women working together to make the world a better place. Since then, despite living many miles apart in different states, the board members of Bling My Bra have collaborated on this fun and unique annual fundraiser with the help of various individuals, ecommerce celebrities, and companies, including eBay Inc.

Auctions and donations will be under the seller id blingmybra through eBay store Bling My Bra. Auction items can be found on eBay by searching for keywords “bling my bra” or at BlingMyBraStore.com. For details, go to BlingMyBra.com.

Contact Info
Beth Cherkowsky
16 Hilltop Road
Levittown, PA 19056

Phone: 215-946-6068

Website: http://www.blingmybra.com

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Who Are Those Crazy Blinging People? by Beth Cherkowsky

Why Are Those Crazy People Blinging Bras? 
And what do they do with the money??

I'll answer #2 first... we donate 100% (not 90 - not 95..ONE HUNDRED percent) to Susan G Komen For The Cure. 

Why?? (You did ask why, right?) Well because..
Every 69 seconds a woman dies of breast cancer.
One in eight Caucasian women will experience Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer -- and is the leading cause of cancer death among women ages 35 to 54

Last Year: 
Susan G Komen funded 600,000 breast cancer screenings last year
Susan G Komen helped 100,000 people financially thru treatment
Susan G Komen did this in 50 countries around the world.

And we (the folks who are participating, including all the eBay employees Kat strong-armed into blinging bras last week at eBay Headquarters..) would like to think we helped with that last year.  We raised over $5000 last year. Our goal for this year is $10,000.  And YOU can help by donating or by bidding on one of these beautiful, funny, mischievous bras.

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2009, approximately 192,370 women were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and approximately 40,610 will die. Although these numbers may sound frightening, research reveals that the mortality rate could decrease by 30% if all women age 50 and older who need a mammogram had one.

Only 5% to 10% of breast cancers occur in women with a clearly defined genetic predisposition for the disease. The majority of breast cancer cases are "sporadic," meaning there is no direct family history of the disease. The risk for developing breast cancer increases as a woman ages.

And guys...YOU are NOT SAFE!!  

Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen. In 2011, it is estimated that among U.S. men there will be:

2,140 new cases of breast cancer 
450 breast cancer deaths 

We can't spare you so check YOURSELF regularly and bid on an art bra.  The proceeds might help find the cure that saves YOUR life. 

What is an art bra, you ask? (Gosh, you have a lot of questions. But ok, here goes).  Art Bras, as originally found on the internet in 2009 when I started this campaign, are beautiful, or comically, or lovingly decorated bras, that are starched, stiffened, padded and sewn back to front, (for strength) then mounted on a satin hanger or mounted in a shadowbox frame. Some are “in memoriam” of a lost relative or friend who fought breast cancer but succumbed. Some are in memory of a family member who even though they beat breast cancer, they are gone now. Some are just from those of us, who have experienced a close call, or who fought and won (Lee Mirabal, you know who you are..) or some of us who want this disease beaten before our daughters, sisters, moms, grandmoms have to deal with it. ...Remember 1 in 8 women reading this will "experience" breast cancer.  I don't think it's like experiencing a hot air balloon ride or a free fall parachute jump so I don't think it's an experience I want either of my sisters, or any of my sister-in-laws or any female I know to have...so please bid with your hearts and bid to WIN against breast cancer.

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